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16th Annual Masters


January 6th, 2019

Starting at 9:00 a.m.

Deadline for Entries is 8:30 a.m. January 6th, 2019

Entry Fee $120.00

Linage Fee / Expenses------$48.00

Prize Fund ----------------------$72.00

Total Per Person $120.00

Prize fund payoff will be one prize for every 5 bowlers.

Prize fund will be returned 100%

Tournament Format

Bowlers will bowl 12 games on 4 different pairs.

Top 5 bowlers will then bowl a stair step finals for the masters spot.

All Tournament Participants Must Have a Current U.S.B.C. Membership.

Associate Dues for membership card can be purchased on site for $20.00. 

This is a scratch tournament, all bowlers will bowl scratch.

Lane assignments will be drawn upon check-in.

Field will be limited to the first 72 bowlers.

All U.S.B.C. rules apply.

No U.S.B.C. youth bowlers allowed. 

Ice Lanes Employees are allowed to bowl.

Number of games bowled per entry is 12 games over 4 pairs of lanes, skipping one pair of lanes and moving to the right. Top 5 pin fall qualifiers will then bowl a stepladder final. With the 5th seeded bowler bowling the 4th seeded bowler on lanes 11 and 12. The winner of that match will then bowl the 3rd seeded bowler on lanes 17 and 18. The winner of that match will then bowl the 2nd seeded bowler on lanes 15 and 16, with the winner then bowling the number 1 seeded bowler on lanes 13 and 14. Contestants will have 6 practice balls on the pair on lanes before each match.

Prizes will be paid out one prize for every 5 bowlers. Bowler winning the tournament will receive an entry to the 2019 Masters Tournament . If the bowler does not plan on attending or already has a master spot, the master spot will go to the next highest place in the tournament. This will continue until a bowler is found who does not have an entry to the Masters Tournament.   



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